You Give Me Fever – The Phaedra Cabaret

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You Give Me Fever – The Phaedra Cabaret, was part of Farnham Flash Festival in the first two weeks. The presentation was sophisticated, clever and delightful.

The traditional story of Phaedra was told by ’Fey’ herself as she mixed cocktails (complete with printed recipes for our use) and interspersed the tale with Jazz standards. Her tale of disaster gradually unwound as she became more intoxicated, ensuring we were all fully aware of the debt we owe to the Greek language. She was seductive, alluring and, at times threatening when she took on an alternative persona.

The story was beautifully written by Jack Lynch and performed by Pippa Winslow with an accompaniment by James Shannon. I have seldom been more spellbound.

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Janet Martin

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