Pupils and teachers take part in international call to prayer

By Surrey and Hants News in Education

Ascension Day was the start of the Thy Kingdom Come call to prayer from the archbishops of Canterbury and York, which happened in places all across the world.

At the Church of St Lawrence in Alton, 187 pupils, many teachers and other adults from St Lawrence CE Primary School came through the doors during the day to take part in a range of prayer stations.

Organised by curate Revd Chris Bradish, and deputy headteacher Fiona Micklefield, the day was run by clergy and parish volunteers to enable the children to come and pray in a variety of ways.

Becky Shalyor came up with an idea of how to represent all the children’s prayers in a creative and permanent way.

As the children entered, they were invited to put their thumbprint on to a tree signifying their part in the day of prayer.

Each station represented a part of The Lord’s Prayer. Children were seen in a tent praying for God’s kingdom to come to the world; sharing food and considering ‘our daily bread’; watching a clip from Narnia and considering God’s forgiveness and how they can forgive others; looking at themselves in a mirror and thinking about the concept that everyone is made in God’s image; helping each other to go round a labyrinth and reflecting on the idea that God and the Bible are their compass.

To bring their time in the church to an end, the children gathered to say The Lord’s Prayer with accompanying actions learnt at school.

The children were given the opportunity to think about the prayers they had said during their time in church, and used a ribbon that was weaved into trellis to signify their prayer.

By the end of the day this had created a textile stained glass window as a permanent reminder of Thy Kingdom Come 2017.