Fireballs set a record

By Surrey and Hants News in Youth Sport

Young players from the Farnham Fireballs floorball hockey team (pictured above) set a new record in British youth floorball, and possibly British floorball in general, scoring 35 goals in their match against the Hornets in the TCL Youth league.

Peter Goodman, the Fireball coach, said:?“I tried to slow them down by asking them to try out some new tactics in preparation for the National Cup in June but they adapted so quickly it had no effect. I really didn’t want to humiliate the opposition. Some of our best players could have run the length of the pitch to score as they have been training four times per week so you have to admire their maturity in maintaining good tactics and their lack of egos. It’s so refreshing to see young people setting everyone an example. There was no showboating either.”

The second match against the Arrows was more challenging but the local team came out on top in a thrilling 10-9 match. The National Cup on the June 18 is expected to be one of the best yet.

The Fireballs goalkeeper won Best Goalkeeper of the league and continued to play floorball hockey for the team without gloves despite starting the match with a badly injured finger.

In June, players from the Streatham Ice Hockey Club’s new floorball team visit Farnham for a friendly in preparation for the National Cup. Floorball is based on ice hockey and many hockey sports use floorball as a training sport to improve stick handling and fitness between seasons. The Fireballs is made up of players from local schools, with half of them coming just from Weydon.

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